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Defer Swift 5.1 / 5 with example

Posted on November 23rd, 2019 in Swift by George


This function would not allow the messages from Block 1 to be executed unless the school is open. 

Take a look to see how defer handles the control flow of the function.


var schoolIsOpen = false;
let kidsInSchool = ["Dan", "Mark" , "Lori", "Mina"];

func childInSchool(_ child: String) -> String {
    schoolIsOpen = true;
    var text = "Error school is closed";
    //Defere in usage, you will see that the messages from Block 1 are executed as expected

    defer {
        schoolIsOpen = false;
    if schoolIsOpen { //Block 1
        if(kidsInSchool.contains(child)) {
            text = "Child named \(child) is in class."
        } else {
            text = "\(child) is missing school today."
    return text;



Thank you