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Effective JavaScript Merge sort algorithm

Posted on September 27th, 2018 in JavaScript by George

About Merge sort in Javascript.

Merge sort it is very effective sorting algorithm with an Worst Time complexity of  O(n log(n)) being more effective in comparison with Quick sort   O(n^2) and insertion sort   O(n^2) for a hypothetical large data set.  Check out big O notation cheat sheet at www.bigocheatsheet.com .

This version example of Merge sort commes with comments explaining every step. Some of the syntax it is ES6.

What does merge sort do ?

Merge sort splits recursively the given array into halfs until every element end up on it`s own.

As an example an array of [5,7,6,2,8,9,7,3];

It is split to [5,7,6,2] and [8,9,7,3] on the first call of mergeSort, then is calling for merge helper function. Recursively mergeSort is going to split the halfs respectively [5,7,6,2] and [8,9,7,3] to [5,6] and [6,2] for the first parameter and [8,9,7,3] and so on.

function merge(left, right) {
let array = [];
while(left.length > 0 && right.length > 0) {
//while the two arrays(left and right) have content
// remove (left.shfit()) first element of each arrays
// and send it to the empty array
//(array.push(ternary result))
array.push(left[0] < right[0] ? left.shift() : right.shift());
//return the array when while loop has finished
return array.concat(left.length ? left : right);
function mergeSort(array) {
if(array.length < 2)
return array;
//find the middle of the initial array
//then split it in two (left, and right)
let middle = Math.floor(array.length / 2),
left = array.slice(0, middle),
right = array.slice(middle);
// recursively call mergeSort
//inside the merge function
return merge(mergeSort(left), mergeSort(right));